Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

*looks at the time* Well, Happy Mother's Day... if anyone's a mother or to other peoples mothers. :) I was out shopping most of the day and now my feet hurt. :P

I've been writing a lot lately, not that I've been getting much done. Mostly been working on a LotR's femmeslash fanfic. Though I wanna finish this one gravitation fanfic I started. I really like what I have, but there's not plot. It's mostly a fluff fic anyway, but I need something to get from point A to B... or is that C?

So... one Arwen/Eowyn fic and one Mika/Tohma fic... and a zillion other things I should be writing.

I'm quickly discovering I use the word 'is' too often. I'm also ammused that LJ's spellcheck wants to respell fic as - fix, fit, fin, tic and fuck.

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    June, 6th 2006 -- Day of the Beast, or something like that, anyway. :P Also, Ayaka's Birthday!

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    Computer returned in working order! As promised, chapter seven of Moonlight Sonata. Now, sleep before work.

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