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24 February 2003 @ 04:39 pm
*bashes alarm clock*  
I slept through my alarm this morning and missed my classes.

I am sooooo mad at myself!

I really wanted to go to my class today, we were going to start talking about Richard III, not to mention in both the classes I missed we were getting back tests. (Not that I really wanted those back, not sure I want to know how badly I did on my Rise of Civ midterm...) Bah, can't change it now. Of course, now I have to motivate myself to drive across town so I can do the article review that's due tomorrow in Justice. Maybe I'll do it in the morning before class...

On the bright side, it's raining! :) I do love rain. Outside has that nice ocean smell and there's this ring of clouds around the base of the mountains. I live in such a pretty place.

Ack, my friend's giving me Farscape spoilers! Why isn't it Friday?!
~*split personality*~: Ryuichianomay on February 24th, 2003 06:47 pm (UTC)
I always sleep through my alarm. ^^;;; It doesn't matter how long I've slept the previous night either.
Genesis Greygenesisgrey on February 26th, 2003 08:01 pm (UTC)
Bah! Stupid alarm and lack of internal clock! ;)