Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

Ow, my back hurts...

So tired and busy these days... *waves to all her friends on LJ*


I'm going camping next week... so, I'll be out of touch for a week. I'm driving over to Canada with Innana and Gwydyon.

Let me tell you about these two and their adventures thus far in Canada: jackknifed a semi-truck, hit a bird, got pulled over by the mounties and searched for drugs, got pulled over for speeding and accidentally pulled a knife on the mountie (Mountie: Do you have any weapons? Innana: Just my leatherman. *flips it out*), literally blew up a tire, and were reported missing to the Canadian authorities a year or so ago.

Yeah... this should prove interesting.

Not to mention we're going with Inanna's priest friend from Wisconsin.

Ugh. I hate how damned shy I am. Even with people online. I'm always afraid people are going to hate me and I don't want people to hate me. So I shy away and hide like the dork I am... such a coward...

Tsar or Czar?

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