Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

I've had such a busy day today.

First a bunch of us took Mike to the zoo, since Inanna had some important matter to attend to. We had so much fun. Eve threatened the turkey's masculinity, and we made cat calls at the poor glacier bear. The foxes were adorable, remind me of my cat. We watched the polar bear play with a big read ball. And I quite literally got my ass kicked when I pushed my sister toward the raven cage. Good times, good times.

Then I went to my friend's birthday party. (She's 22 now!) And I made tacos for everyone. Her mother got her nice and sloshed and her boyfriend had to help her downstairs. :P

And then one in the morn I went out with Inanna, Gwyd, Dea, and my sis to eat pie at Village Inn. (Mike was asleep already. Some people can't hold their night.) Played BS, it was fun. :)

Oh, and because Dea sprained her wrist she's not allowed to work for a week and gets to go camping with us. (Mixed blessing that.)

But that was my day in brief. And now I'm discussing characterization with Dea.

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