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Okay, time to goof off in the livejournal rather than doing homework or writing.

Been reading Richard III. Man, Shakespeare sure knows how to write a villian. I wish I could write a guy like that. The corpse bleeds when he comes near it. How evil is that?

I watched Kiss Me, Kate earlier today. If anyone likes musicals, Shakespeare, or just comedy I highly recommend it. :)

I've actually been writing a lot lately. (Which would explain my recent grades. Ouch! And I'm behind in math... I don't like math much...)

I'm trying to get the first chapter of my Mists of Valinor series (the life of Celebrian, chapter one is how she met Elrond) done. I want to get it all polished up and pretty so I can post it. (I have the first part of chapter two half-done in my notebook and I wanna get on with the angst.) I'm also trying to get my dark fic Shadows of Rivendell done and two other random LotR slash fics. (Gee, what's influencing me lately?)

As for Gravitation fics, I recently got inspired to work on Homebound again. It's basically a fic based around the realationship of the Uesugi family. I've also got the start of a fluffy Mika/Tohma fic that makes me smile, but I'm not sure where to go with it. I also had an idea for a Suguru fic... but I can't decide who else I want in the fic. Bah!

I'm just gonna ramble a bit more. Sometimes it helps me sort out the thoughts in my head.

So, I got it into my head that I want to write a yuri [femmeslash] Gravitation fic. (Who knows if I actually will.) And I'm trying to brainstorm female characters to put together. Off the top of my head: Noriko, Mika, and Ayaka. (Keeping in mind I've only seen the series and OAV.) Oh, there's also Shuichi's sister... what's her name... Mariko? Ah, and the reporter chick, Kaoroku, and Eiri's psychologist/therapist. And I think that's every female with a spoken line...

I can cross the therapist off the list because I'm sure that'd be a lawsuit waiting to happen, dating a client's family and/or friends. And I'm pretty sure Tohma had Kaoroku killed or something equally dastardly for writing that article, so she can be crossed off as well. I don't even remember if Shuichi's sister's name is Mariko or not, so it's probably not the best idea to write a fic about her. Ayaka just always seemed so... straight. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't see her ever going for another girl. (That and I don't think any of the remaining females would work well with her damsel in distress archetype.)

Which leaves us with Mika and Noriko. Noriko's a rockstar and already seems a bit eccentric, so it's not too much of a stretch that she might be bi and like women. (There is the matter of a husband and child, but that can be dealt with in the story. Heck, it can be the main angst.) Mika on the other hand is rather cold and comes from, we can assume, a fairly traditional family background. But! In the series, at least, she did not seem the least bit phased at Shuichi and Eiri's realationship, other than to worry about her brother getting hurt again. (She is, of course, also married; but, again, that can be dealt with in the story. It could be a catalyst. Tohma's in love with Ryuichi, Mika goes to Noriko for comfort.)

Hmmm, I could work that. But I should probably get some of my other fics done before I try it. :P

Alright, time to head out to all night diners and attempt to get homework done... Everyone take care! :)

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