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16 September 2003 @ 12:11 am
Lest anyone think otherwise... I hate middle english!

From Chaucer's "The Prioress's Tale":
"With moodres pitee in hir brest enclosed,
She gooth, as she were half out of hir mynde,
To every place where she hath supposed
By likihede hir litel child to fynde;
And evere on Cristes mooder meeke and kynde
She cride, and atte laste thus she wroghte:
Amung the cursed Jues she hym soghte."

And that's one of the more easily read, understandable sections! I swear, he changes the spelling of things every other line.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around much... lots of school work and lack of sleep lately. I've gone kind of batty. Last night I was laughing at anything that moved, and a lot of things that didn't move...

Now... on to Midsummer Night's Dream and fighting the Canadian wilderness! Ahahahaha!