Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

so very sad

There's this place behind my house that I drive past just about every day, and there are all these rabbits in the yard eating, hopping, doing rabbit type things, and I absolutly adore slowing down to look at them as I go past. Cute happy things, remind me of my cat.

Today, was not a happy day. As I drove by I noticed something white in the middle of the road... bloody, decapitated, and smashed flat. Whatever fucker ran it over was probably gunning for it, because no car should have had their tires in the exact center of the road. Ugh. Brings back bad memories of childhood when we finally found my friend's rabbit after it ran away... but at least it still had a head.

So, now I'm sad... and I just felt like writing something down, so I did...

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