Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

one of those days

Man, it was just one of those days today.

The type of day when you can't make yourself get out of bed, and when you finally do and get out of the house you watch a guy do about thirteen illegal lane changes in front of you and all you want is for people to learn to use a bloody turn signal. Then you're going ten miles over the speed limit in the slow lane and the guy behind you still won't stop tailgating you. And then my teacher calls me up after class to ask me about my test... one of those days...

On the bright side I got to watch Raising Cain and Chinatown. Pretty good movies. It's weird to see a young John Lithgow and Jack Nicholson though.

I'm working on Mists of Valinor right now and looking over an ancient Graviation fic of mine that I'm thinking of revamping into the yuri fic. It was a Mika fic that was meant to be yuri tinged originally, but now I think I'm going to go all out. I had a great opening paragraph in my head earlier, but I was half asleep and as soon as I got something to write with it was gone. BAH!

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