February 21st, 2003


I am here!

Hello? - I'm now on livejournal. ^_^ *waves* Thank ye Anomay. ^_^ Nothing to say at the moment, just playing around right now.

Um... *runs away*


Yay! It's snowing! I love snow!

We are having the weirdest weather this winter. It got warm and rainy so we didn't get snow that stuck until about mid-December and then all the snow disappeared by the end of January. Was majorly bummed about that. Fur Rondy's been kind of a bust (and now that it's the last weekend of course we get snow). They've had to cancel half the events. But they did persist in the snow sculptures! ^_^ (Personal favorite of mine.)

But it's snowing! ^_^ Snow always makes me feel so creative and happy. I love watching the little white flakes as they fall. It's a pretty little dance and I feel like it's all for me.

Heh, second entry in my livejournal and I talk about the weather. I am so exciting! :P