Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

Aces Won! 5 to 4! Woo!

My friend Gwydyon got free tickets to the hockey game last night (Anchorage Aces vs. the Bakersfield Condors) so me, him, Innana, and my sister went and we had a lot of fun. The Aces won 5 to 4 and I think it was a good game, though I don't know enough about hockey to say for sure. (Wish my sister hadn't kept reading the R in Condors as and M, make of that what you will.)

We were the geekiest group there, that's for sure. Innana was reading Camus, Gwydyon was mumbling about the mathematic probablity of making certain shots, my sister was swooning over hot guys on ice, and I was chomping on Hersey hugs and pretzels. :) Good times. Good times.

The only problem I had with the game was the refs. I know that sounds cliche, I mean, everyone hates the referees. But these guys weren't making calls on either team. And the one call they did make was just payback for the ref that got checked against the boards, but he shouldn't have been in the way of the puck. (I love the sound that plexi-glass makes when people slam into it.) Also the refs kept breaking up fights to quickly. :P

After that we went out to eat, then over to Innana's to watch Farscape, Oddessy 5, and Harlock. :) I had a great time! The only bummer about the evening was that our other friend, Antigone, was too sick to come with. :(

I watched Heavenly Creatures last night when I got home. Wow. That is an intense and sad movie, I definetly recommend it to any open-minded individual, especially creative types. There were a couple points in there that made me wonder about the nature of friendship and love and such. I have to admit the end of the movie made me a little sad, so I had to watch Prisilla, Queen of the Desert after it got over, to cheer me up. (I find Hugo Weaving strangely attractive.) I am now totally inspired to work on my Mika and Noriko fic though. *grin*

Does anyone know the origin of pants?

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