Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

furious beyond all sense of reason

I am so angry right now I can't even think straight. (Well, obviously I can think straight or I wouldn't be able to type, but you get the idea.) I was having a wonderful evening, having a lot of fun with my friends, and as I'm driving them home I hit these potholes that could have swallowed an elephant and there's this terrible noise. Next thing I know the wheel is jerking to the right and I have two flat tires and a broken rim.

Can I sue the mayor for lousy road upkeep? Or at least kneecap the bastard?

So my car is parked over at my friend's house. (Please, let it still be there and in one piece tomorrow.) I have to figure out how to get to school in the morning; and, of course, it can't be a normal day where I just call the teacher and explain that I'm having car troubles. Nooooo, I have to have two tests to take. Not to mention I need to scrounge up enough money for two tires and a new rim... here's hoping, by some miracle, they're still under warranty.


Oh well, nothing I can do about it tonight. Just study for my tests and hope for the best. Though I really like the idea of suing the mayor. It's an election year and I really don't want the homophobic jackass to win again. (He's not just a homophobe, ladies and gents, he's a bad mayor that fucked up the library system and a zillion other things.)

Alright, I think I'm calm and coherent enough to study now. Or cry. Study or cry.

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