Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

Holy shit on a stick! I e-mailed a teacher and she e-mailed me back in the same day! Really, this is shocking to me. She's my advisor and I've never met her or even had a class with her, and I'm really nervous about meeting her. I don't even know what to e-mail her back and say. *bounces* What on earth do you say to an advisor? I need to set up a meeting, maybe I should just show up during her office hours? *gleeps*

In other news, I was just lambasted by this girl because I said: "The problem with slash fanfiction is [I think this is where she stopped listening] that when your characters are in the room you can't simply separate them with 'he' and 'she' - if they're the same sex you don't know which she, she is or which he, he is." And because of this comment I am supposedly a raging homophobe. *sighs*

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