Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

The newspaper's writing contest is coming up, the deadlines in a month, and I try to send off something every year, but I am so lacking and idea this year. Argh!

Yay! It's snowing out. I love when it snows. I get inspired (unfortunately right now I'm inspired to write fanfiction and not something original, well, bigass story, but I really can't send that for the contest).

Y'know, I was looking at my writing and my best work tends to be either Mika-centric (Gravitation) or my Arwen/Eowyn femslash (Lord of the Rings). I mean, I decently like most of the stuff I end up posting on the web, but those are some of the better stories.

Man, I'm rambling a lot recently.

Ack! It's March and I still haven't gotten in my applications to the tourist companies! Need to do that...

P.S. Is hotmail being a bitch to anyone else today?

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