Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

doing better today

A BIG Thank you to Anomay and Chibiukyou for hugs the other day. I really needed that. :)

I am doing so much better day. Came home from classes yesterday and slept for fourteen hours and I am in much better spirits. I haven't a clue how my tests went though, Thursday is kind of a blur for the most part. I think I failed my Justice exam, but I'm hoping I did okay in math... oh well, find out next week. Not going to worry about it over the weekend.

I got really lucky. I thought I only had a 6 month warranty on the tires, but it was 12 months! And the rim wasn't cracked, it was only bent a bit and they were able to knock it back in place. So I got off very lucky. My car is all happy and not tilting again. I should go give it a big hug. :)

I finally finished the first chapter (or the first part of the first chapter anyway) of Mists of Valinor and I wrote a strange Gravitation fic last night. I think I'll read that over and see if it's any good or if it's incoherent drabble.

Okay, that's all for now, thanks again. :)

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