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08 March 2003 @ 01:35 am
new fic - Kaoroku's Story  
Okay, so it wasn't worthless drabble (at least I don't think so). Everyone can have their own opinion, and if you share it with me I'll adore you. ^_~

I've always wondered what exactly happened to that reporter from the first episode of Gravitation. She shows up to spy on Shuichi with Taki, presumably writes that article that outs Yuki and Shuichi, and then Tohma makes an ominous phone call and she never shows her face in the series again.

So, here's what happened in her own words:[Kaoroku's Story].

Oh, and here's the [Prologue] and first chapter [The Meeting: Part 1] of Mists of Valinor if anyone's curious. It's a Lord of the Rings fanfic about the life of Celebrian (Elrond's wife) before she goes over seas.

*goes back to watching Crow: Stairway to Heaven*

Still haven't figured out if I like this show or not...