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06 April 2004 @ 12:19 pm
Well, as my friend is so fond of saying: fuck me running!

Argh! My baby crashed! I mean, I can't even get it to boot up. *bangs head against table* I took it into the computer store today (saw a friend of mine from high school, and that was nice at least) and they're going to see about getting all my files and stuff off. *crosses fingers* Though, it's always weird to think of someone on your computer... I mean, do they look at the stuff they're recovering? I am in a couple different slash fandoms, I have questionable material on my computer of both the visual and written medium. And mp3's. And anime.

I'm so totally in mourning.

Right now I've taken control of another computer to work on my paper... a paper which was, can you guess? Right, on my computer! Wheee! On the bright side, it's for the professor who, everytime she comes into class, has some story about the computer doing everything but rising up to devour her. So if I don't get it done, I might be able to get a sympathy extension.

I feel so emotionally fragile right now. Dammit, just set in that all my writing is on that computer -- the crap and the stuff I'm exceedingly proud of. Lord help anyone that messes with me today. I am not responsible for my actions. Is it wrong to want to cry over a computer?

Edit: Oh, of all the fucking days for the professor to corner me and question me about my god-damned term paper. *sobs*
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Genesis Greygenesisgrey on April 6th, 2004 05:02 pm (UTC)
Well... that's good. (Hopefully they don't. Some of that stuff makes me blush.) *sighs* *grins* At least my advanced comp class is in the college computer lab... *plays around to relax before the teacher arrives*
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Genesis Grey: -arwen/eowyn-genesisgrey on April 7th, 2004 11:42 pm (UTC)
They were able to save most of my text documents fortunatly... but they didn't get my one original story that I was really, really proud of. *sigh* Oh well. Now they're trying to save the computer. I hope they call back tomorrow. Thanks for the hugs and tissues. :)