Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

of being sick and the darkfic

I'm sick. Or more precisely, I just don't feel well. Which means I was bad and skipped my classes today, but I wouldn't have paid enough attention for it to matter if I went or not. Blah. Anyway, I've been lying around in a heap, going be between sleeping and thinking, and I've been thinking about the dark fic. (Forgive me if this goes astray, I'm not feeling a hundred percent.)

What is a darkfic?

Well, by the name one would assume it is a fic that deals with dark themes. Simple enough. They're depressing, disturbing, sometimes chill you to the very core, and they don't tend to have happy endings.

I've been thinking about this because I'm writing a rather dark Lord of the Ring's fanfic, which of course got me to wondering when the last time I wrote a darkfic was. CLAMP fic last year. Before that, maybe two or three years ago, a couple Gundam Wing fanfics. (*looks back at all her GW fanfics* Man, I was so into that fandom for a while, but I digress.)

Where do darkfics come from? The deep, dark parts of our minds that most of us would never listen normally and even disgust us a bit? Probably. Most of my truly dark darkfics I've written I thought of in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. All of a sudden I have a flash of inspiration and I start to write. Actually, that's how it goes with most of my stories, but especially the darkfics.

Does listening to this dark place in our minds make us bad people? No! Of course not. It's probably even healthy to get out some of that frustration with the world in a way that's not going to actually hurt anyone. It doesn't make you or me a bad person. I know I would never really hurt a soul. I get depressed when I kill a spider.

Besides that, it's fun to give a character (original or from a show/book/anime you really like) a dark side or to expand upon the dark side that is already alluded to. *coughTohmacough* That doesn't mean a darkfic has to be all about rape, death, suicide, murder, mutilation, and other such things; a darkfic can simply be a character sitting on the side of the road thinking about all the things that have gone wrong in his/her life, all the mistakes that he/she has made, and not a dastardly action need be done. That tends to be what my darkfics are.

Hmm, I'm sure everyone now thinks I'm a card carrying psycho that needs to be avoided at all cost. But really, there's nothing wrong with the darkfic. I mean, I'm not going to read them all because some of them disturb the hell out of me, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. (Though if you write one be sure to label it carefully and well, it's not nice to trick people into reading something they don't want to. I think we've all wanted to claw our eyes out after reading something that wasn't properly labeled.)

Ugh. Help me. The vain one (a.k.a. my sister) is demanding a full-length mirror. *smothers self with pillow*

Okay, now that I'm done alienating people I'm going to go convalesce some more.

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