Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

I am alive, lest anyone was worried. :P

My sister went to her prom last night. She looked so pretty! :)

I slammed my finger in the car door the other day, and it actually clicked shut. Poor finger still feels a little funny. It was really a weird experience that my sister told me I should never explain again. :P

I've been writing papers and entertaining relatives, no time for internet funness or playing on LJ's. *sniffs sadly* And finals start on Tuesday. *sobs incoherently* I'm trying to write a poetry paper right now, and that's really sucking my will to live. Fortunatly I have the big ass book o' Shakespeare!

Closed form, sonnets here I come!

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    June, 6th 2006 -- Day of the Beast, or something like that, anyway. :P Also, Ayaka's Birthday!

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    Computer returned in working order! As promised, chapter seven of Moonlight Sonata. Now, sleep before work.

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