Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

I am alive... kinda..

Wow, I haven't updated this in like forever. And no one's really reading, but I feel like rambling, and I do my best rambling when I type.

Been a really hectic couple months. My sister came home from college. I was working at Toys R Us during the holidays. (Some people really need to lighten up more often, yeesh!) And my mom had a really bad fall down the stairs. (Three stitches in her nose and a sprained ankle, but otherwise okay.) And then, of course, my usual computer troubles, which have prevented me from writing much... I need to buy a new computer, but I'm so broke. :P

Anyway, I just started a new semester of college. I really like half my classes and dread the other half. There's something about my math teacher that just /irks/ me, and my modern lit class is graded almost entirely on oral participation. I'm a shy person! I can write about anything, and I like to think, write well; but I just die a little bit when I have to talk in class... everyone looks at me. BUT! My Geography class (and lab) are being taught by a guy that is the equivalent of Bill Nye the Science Guy, so that's already a lot of fun. And my Tolkien class just is going to be a kick and a half... hopefully it'll help me get inspired for my fanfiction, and the professor's really cool.

Oooh, I finally watched Scryed. Very enjoyable little anime. I don't know that I'd watch it again, and it didn't inspire me to fanfiction, but it was still quite fun to watch. Kanami was cute.

My sister got me the first season of Jem (the 80's cartoon) on dvd for Christmas. *grins* And I found this old fanfic of mine with Roxy and Stormer being a couple.

Mmm, that's all. I think I'll go watch Strawberry on the Shortcake now...

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