Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

It's nice to know that people are still here. *grins and waves*

I really need to get back to my fanfiction. My Lord of the Rings fanfics are in limbo and I have two Gravitation fanfics that are basically done, just need an ending and some connecting bits, on my computer. *reads the cap of her Jones soda* "It is a good time to finish old tasks." LOL! Even the drink wants me to work on them.

I went and saw "The Grudge" today. Good movie, but I didn't get a chance to be scared, which made me kind of sad. When my friend gets frightened she loses all ability to be silent and talks a mile a minute, so it was really hard to get into the mood of the movie. I think I might rent the original Japanese version.

Okay, back to reading "Heart of Darkness," in all it's glory. Wheeeee.... Y'know, I really wish I could get the window to close all the way, it's below zero and that's not even counting the windchill. Yay, electric blanket!

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