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french fries, boys and girls, french fries

*continues to grumble about the stupidity of her country* I'm </i>glad</i> our government wants to make us the most hated and most laughable nation on the face of the planet. I'm gonna go 'freedom' braid my hair. Bah! [Stupidest thing I heard: dumping a thousand or so dollars worth of french wine down the toilet. The French already got their money what do they care? Besides, it's their country and they can make their own decisions.] *goes back to grumbling*

Random Drabble Allegory, no caps, typed it one handed:
it was dark. it always seemed dark in those days. cold and frozen. an ice age maybe, but not cold enough to be so. the cold wasn't physical. it came from the hearts of the men and women. but then the great fire came and seared all flesh and stone until none survived, except those who buried themselves underground. a rebirth occurred. through death there was new life, as it always is. and one girl rose above them all. all the survivors. she led them to a new era. an era of life not death. but from life must come death. and so the hearts turned cold once more and all that was good was torn to pieces. the girl watched all that had been built burn. a cold fire. no heat. no love. no life. just death. she cried. was there any way for men to survive?

*finally stops grumbling*

Okay, it has just been a bad luck week or so. I blew out two tires on potholes, my friend got into a car accident, my other friend got yelled at by her manager, B is in a strange mood and is blowing me off one second and asking me to tell her a story the next, Anomay seems down and upset, and people in general just seem sad. :(

*BIG HUGS* to all! :) It'll all be okay, it'll get better! :) I hope!

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