Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

I lived through the night!

Power went out at ten last night and didn't come back until six this morning. Electric heater didn't work. Was so cold. I was getting scared my cats were going to freeze to death, I nearly took them down to my car, but I finally got Paint to come under all the blankets with me. My house is still could though and the cats were curled a little too close to the heater, but I'm going to assume they're smart enough not to burn their whiskers.

It was really scary last night. All the power was out and the wind was threatening to tear the house apart. The windows at my dad's office got blown out and one of the neighbors lost the add-on to their house. Mae's house still doesn't have power. Downtown is a disaster area, I've heard. And the wind's supposed to keep up for the next couple days... joy...

I'm actually at school right now. The K building is flooded, there is icy brown stuff flowing out of it, and the the classes have been half full at best. (Admittedly I came because I thought it'd be warm and the internet is down at my house. Oh, and to see friends. ^_^ ) Now Gwyd wants to know what this livejournal thing I'm writing in is. And now he's explaining to me the math (statics) of what happens when you're leaning back in a stool...

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