Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

Yuck, I've managed to come down with whatever is going around these days. So now I'm skipping class and hiding under the blankets with my laptop and jug of juice. Never sure if I should avoid eating at all costs when my tummy feels like this or if soup would be okay. I know I shouldn't watch tv when I'm sick though, 'cause I just end up staring at the tv for the two hour biography of the Brady Bunch. At least Teen Titans is on to save me now. Though, if I have to watch the Bratz movie commercial one more time... gahr!!! In conclusion, I really have nothing to say.

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    I got addicted to the 1sentence community. So, I decided to do a Gravitation one for, and I know this will shock everyone, Mika and…

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    June, 6th 2006 -- Day of the Beast, or something like that, anyway. :P Also, Ayaka's Birthday!

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    Computer returned in working order! As promised, chapter seven of Moonlight Sonata. Now, sleep before work.

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