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I'm trying to graduate in the spring of next year. So I applied to graduate. Yay, me! And they're supposed to send me an audit to tell me what classes I still need, just to show that what I think and what they say I need to take are the same. I haven't gotten this yet and I applied about two months ago.

So I call and ask them what's up, and they tell me they're backed up. Fine, whatever. The new semester doesn't start for another two and a half months and registration isn't even open for next semester yet. Then she says to me: "We'll try to get something out to you before the last day you can add/drop."

What's this try business? Do not try, do! And what do you mean the last day of add/drop... that's a week into next semester!

The moral of the story? University administration very rarely works with you, and I really, really miss knowing someone that worked on the 'inside'.

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