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05 December 2005 @ 04:36 pm
Must stick to schedule...  
Tuesday -- Class. Take chapter 5 AND 6 tests for math, start English paper and chapter 7 homework.
Wednesday -- Class. Get chapter 7 hw done, take test if possible.
Thursday -- Class. Take 7 test after class, if not done. Devote to English paper (if not able to do so before).
Friday -- Turn in English Paper. Go to work. Get chapter 8 homework finished.
Saturday -- Work. If feeling productive wake up early and take chapter 8 test.
Sunday -- Take chapter 8 test. Start Vinland paper, and English final exam.
Monday -- Work on English final, take chapter 8 test if you were a total slacker.
Tuesday -- Decompress.
Wednesday -- English final due. Check math grades. Take math final, if no retakes?
Thurdsay -- Retake any math needed or take final exam. History final exam day (1 - 3:45), Vinland paper due.
Friday -- Work. (Math final if not done?)
Saturday -- Work. (Math final if not done?)

And this just seemed strangely perfect:

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:genesisgrey
Your haiku:tell me what they think
if anyone has some time and
would be willing to
Created by Grahame