Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

"Split the difference. Prove a Saint can commit a murder."

I find that quote very ironic since a good deal of Saints are Saints because they murdered a lot of 'heathens' during the crusades and such. Of course, nowadays people who are Saints are very nice people... they should make Mother Teresa a saint...

Bah. I'm so moody and crazy today. No one will believe me that Gwyd scared me with out provocation. Honestly! I didn't do anything. He just decided to scare the hell out of me.

*curls up on the floor*

Why do I have to have such an acute sense of conscious? I can't do anything without feeling bad. I didn't feel like talking to my friend on the phone so I was kind of cold and distant (not intentional, but it happened) and now I feel so bad and I'm sure she'll hold it against me for the rest of my life... because she's done it before... *rocks* Just want to curl up and go away for a while. Maybe write. I miss Elenora and Eronica... haven't had a chance to play with them for a while, they're stuck where I left them. In limbo, like me.

Anyone ever watch Scryed? It reminds me of X-men, well, so far anyway.

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