Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey

drained of life's been such a hectic/bad couple days...

This was my Wednesday: Slept through a midterm. Shower curtain rod fell on me. Open book pop-quiz the day I forgot my book. Finding a lump on my cat the size of her paw and learning it's a tumor and that there's only a slight chance it can be completely removed. Just a really bad day. I started crying at the vets, fortunately she had left the room to get an estimate for surgery. I hate crying in front of people.

And, I know this all is of no importance to anyone besides me, but I wish some of my friends were a little more supportive and comforting. Not that they really can do anything. But telling me to get a new cat is just not at the top of the sensitivity-o-meter. There are just moments when you are talking people, a lot of the time even people that normally you like, and you want to scream: "Screw you! It's important to me!"

My cat had her surgery today. They vet called and said it went well, but they want to keep her over night. I never realized how lonely it gets when my kitty isn't around. Hope she's okay... she looked so sad when I gave her to the vet. Gave me this, 'don't leave me, you're supposed to protect me' betrayed look.

Ugh, heaven forbid I ever have children... taking care of my cat is enough stress and worry for me. I have a big paper due monday that I haven't even started researching... guess I'll go work on that for now...

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