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30 April 2007 @ 11:04 pm
Went to the bookstore today. I'm really, really starting to think I need to go to bibloholics anonymous.
Aja: booksimayb1 on May 1st, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
You could visit biblioholism on LibraryThing... but they're not going to discourage your addiction. XD

What did you get?
Genesis Grey: Computers and Dragonsgenesisgrey on May 2nd, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
lol. That's a neat site. I've never been there before.

Oh, lots of stuff. Mr. Darcy's Diary, A Man Without a Country, Sex with Kings, Fahrenheit 451, Howl's Moving Castle, A Game of Thrones, Rent Girl, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Lemony Snicket and a new copy of The Illiad.

Then I got some manga too. Penguin Revolution 2, Kizuna 5 and 6, Sound of My Voice, Skip Beat 6, Emma 3, Jazz 4! And a bunch more, those are just in the stack I can see.

Thankfully, it was mostly blowing the money I got for my birthday. :P
Aja: booksimayb1 on May 2nd, 2007 08:29 pm (UTC)
Library Thing is an wonderful site. <3 It's an incredibly versitle catalogue of books. I can now carry a complete listing of my books on Palm Pilot. I like the social aspects of the site, too.

What is Sex with Kings about? Is it historical/biographical info. or is it a novel? Tell me what you think of A Game of Thrones when you finish it; I'd like to hear your opinion. Why a new copy of The Illiad? Did you lose the old one? I haven't seen Penguin Revolution. What is that one about?

Many of my recent book purchases have been e-books. Among the Living was a really good read. The others, not so much. Today at work I picked up Charlaine Harris' latest, All Together Dead. I waffled over A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison, but ultimately chose to wait because I have the rest of the series in paperback. I'm reading some fluff by Dawn Cook called The Decoy Princess, which is fun. :)
Genesis Grey: Computers and Dragonsgenesisgrey on May 3rd, 2007 07:58 am (UTC)
I have an excel spreadsheet for my manga collection, and I wanna make a list of my books, too. Need more bookshelves first so I can find them all, though. :P

It's a historical/biographical book, and the full title is, Sex with Kings: 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge, which gives a pretty good idea of the content. There's a sequel, Sex with the Queen: 900 Years of Vile Kings, Virile Lovers, and Passionate Politics , that I wanna get if the first is a good read. I will be sure to tell you what I think of A Game of Thrones. :)

My other copy of The Illiad, I just didn't like the translation and this one has interesting historic notes. Penguin Revolution is a really cute manga. It's about this girl that wants to be a civil servant when she grows up. She meets this girl, who is actually a guy, and ends up being his manager through a series of events. It's rather ridiculous, but oh-so cute!

I like the synopsis of Among the Living, I might have to check that one out. Charlaine Harris, did she write Dead Until Dark?

So, The Decoy Princess is a fun book? It's one of those books I keep looking at, but never pick up.
Aja: booksimayb1 on May 4th, 2007 01:22 am (UTC)
If there are ISBNs on your spreadsheet, you can import the list into Library Thing and there's an export feature, too. :)

Sex with Kings and Sex with the Queen sound like very interesting books. Why couldn't History classes have been so fun?

Yes, Charlaine Harris did write Dead Until Dark, which was book 1 of her Sookie/Southern Vampire Mysteries series. All Together Dead is book 7. I'm just about finished with it and it's not as entertaining as the first few in the series, but it's not bad. I think the author has so many ~bits~ floating about that she's busy trying to take care of all of them and ends up not accomplishing a whole lot.

Yes, The Decoy Princess is fun, if wholly predictable. It's light and fluffy ... and its sequel, Princess at Sea is on its way to me. >_>; Dawn Cook's First Truth and the three following books were much, MUCH better; they were more mature and full-bodied stories than the two Princess books.