Genesis Grey (genesisgrey) wrote,
Genesis Grey


How wrong would it be to find out where a person lives and leave a note on their car telling them not to speed and to watch out who they piss off in their nice new car?! I hate when people decide to drag you from the stoplight and then laugh when they pass you like you were actually in a race.

I could find them too... I know the rode they (presumably) live on. It was a red chrysler, bought at a lithia dealership, temp license plate in the left part of the back window... grrrrrrrr! Sometimes I just wanna teach people a lesson... maybe that's petty and I'm overreacting because I'm a little hyped up ... but... GAH!

Cat's stitches are out now though. 20% chance it's gone for good...

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    June, 6th 2006 -- Day of the Beast, or something like that, anyway. :P Also, Ayaka's Birthday!

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    Computer returned in working order! As promised, chapter seven of Moonlight Sonata. Now, sleep before work.

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