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22 February 2003 @ 07:46 pm
Pink Elephants  
Went shopping a thrift store today. My friend found clothes for work (t-shirts without lewd messages on them) and we all had a good laugh at the disturbing wall of naked Barbies in plastic bags. It always makes me sad to see all those wedding dresses and stuffed animals though. I mean, once upon a time they must have meant so much to someone, and now they're a buck ninety-nine. But I suppose now they get to be something special to someone else. :)

I bought this big neon pink elephant! It's really neat, all fluffy and soft. My friends looked at me like I was nuts though. Aw, well. :) It once said Fisher Price, but now it says F---er Price, which amuses me greatly.

I saw this really nice little party/cocktail dress when I was looking around that I think I may have Mika wearing in a fic someday. It was this really classy short black dress, with thin shoulder straps, and it was wrapped in the middle with this really neat looking black and pink bow. Lousy description, but neat dress. Of course, next to it I saw a perfect dress for Noriko. It was so cool. It shimmered between black and blue. Okay, that's more than enough talk about clothes. :P

Mmm, gonna go write now. :)