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01 May 2003 @ 05:56 pm
No more finals!  
When someone types *shrugs* to you online as a response, what is that suppose to mean? I think she's blowing me off... but I'm not sure if it's a mean thing or just because that's the way she is. *is so confused*

Took my last final today. I either did really well on it or really badly. :) But I'm free now... free as a bird... except for that needing to find a summer job. *thuds to the ground* Ah, well.

So happy! X-men is coming out tomorrow. (I am such a geek!) I hope it'll be good. Unfortunately I'm going with Mr. Comicbook-supergeek-man-nitpicker... if he ruins it for me, I may smother him. :P *bounces around*