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I really want there to be more 'Wild Adapter'.

Also, more hours in the day to read all the things I want to read and watch all the things I want to watch. Somehow, I end up spending more time trying to decide what to do than doing it.
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Good Sci-Fi Read?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a really good science fiction book or collection of short stories or website with realy good fics? I haven't been able to find anything that peeks my interest at the bookstore recently.
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I think this makes me a terrible person. But, after watching Prince Caspian, I can only agree with my sister. It really is Lord of the Rings Jr. If I want to spend three hours in Narnia, I'll stick to the books.

[Don't get me wrong, the movie was cute and I'd recommend it to those that liked the first one. Just not to my taste.]

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I got to go to the state fair today. *grins* It was a blast. My friend came up from Boston for her birthday, so we took her. I think I've eaten more food in the last ten hours than I have the entire week, so sick and I'm sunburned too. :P

Anyway, we did a lot of shopping at the booths. (The boys didn't seem entirely thrilled with the thrift clothing shops, but they were pretty darn cool.) Then we saw the livestock and the gigantic vegtables, including the new world record for largest kale. Finally, we saw Blue October in concert, which was rather cool.

So, tired now....
Computers and Dragons

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I saw the Transformers movie.

While the rabid Generation One fanatic in me died a little, I enjoyed the movie. It was amusing, and I was very happy the Decepticons weren't as evil as I was worried they were going to be. (I'm still digesting what I think of the movie as a whole, so I might post a longer review later.)

Oh, and the movie did something that I never thought possible -- it made Bumblebee cool.

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Hm, I need a TF icon.