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I got addicted to the 1sentence community. So, I decided to do a Gravitation one for, and I know this will shock everyone, Mika and Tohma. I attempted to make it a coherent bit of writing, and succeeded in parts and not so much in other. :P

Anyway, rated T for naughty implications and use of the word 'sex'.

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Fiction Update

Whoops, thought I did this yesterday.

I wrote (oh dear god, it's amazing!) two fics -- A Graviation one called Moment of Weakness (http://fiction.gurabiteshiyon.net/story.php?no=917) and a Lord of the Rings one for keekercatt (to apologize for the fact I haven't given her any Elrohir recently) it's just a little vignette, but ... sorry! Thoughts and Desires (http://www.sexystickman.com/ren/thoughtsdesires.htm)

Okay, back to Waiting for Godot... how am I supposed to explain something that's about nothing? I feel like I'm living that Seinfeld episode, though the book/play is more amusing. (Ever read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead? Reminds me of that.)

Lord of the Rings Fanfic -- White Wine

Title: White Wine
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: NC-17 (and boy did it take some work to get it that way)
Pairing: Thranduil/Lindir – some mention of Gildor/Thranduil and Gil-galad/Lindir
Summary: During negotiations in Imladris Thranduil learns an appreciation for the finer things in life: minstrels and white wine.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this nametag, which may actually belong to my employer. So no sexy elf ownership for me. *hangs head sadly*
Warnings: Uh, slash and sex?
Beta: My sweet lil Nethene – I suppose I will take all credit for the remaining mistakes.
Author’s Notes: Lindir got really talky and would not shut up while I was trying to write this, which is why there is a lot of dialogue. My part of this story swap/challenge, which I guess never happened, and was Thranduil/Lindir, NC-17 preferred. So I gave it my best shot, and out of three attempts, this was my favorite. :) And, yes, the title doesn’t quite make sense until halfway through, but it fit the best. Enjoy! (I hope!)

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